NPTN - We cracked the nut for a clean ocean

Our product

NPTN is a liquid detergent made out of the naturally grown and harvested horse chestnut. The Swedish chestnut contains saponin which is nature’s own detergent, the latin word “sapon” means soap. NPTN is suitable for all types of laundry and is especially suitable for sensitive garments such as wool.

100% Natural Ingredients

NPTN is made from 100% natural ingredients.

Gentle and safe

NTPN is a detergent created in consideration for your skin and our environment. It is free from environmentally harmful substances and any toxic chemical ingredients that can create allergic skin reactions.

Clothing care

One of the most common reasons that our clothes wear and tear is that we aren’t careful in how we wash them. By using a gentle laundry detergent as NPTN your clothes will last longer. NPTN is as efficient as any conventional laundry detergent while being gentle on the textile fibers.


We are the market’s first detergent made from chestnuts. Just like soap nuts, chestnuts contain the substance saponin which is a natural cleaner. We make the technology accessible and easy-to-use for our customers.


Chestnuts are common in Sweden and many parts of the world. The trees are most commonly used for their aesthetic, they are not natural to the Swedish landscape but bind carbon dioxide well. Once the nuts have fallen to the ground they most often aren’t used by the local fauna and therefore become waste. 

Our solution is to make the best possible use of the chestnuts by turning them into an environmentally friendly laundry detergent. It is 100% natural, vegan, and cruelty-free. Unlike soap nuts, that oftentimes are imported all the way from Asia, we pick these chestnuts locally. The production of NPTN is sustainable and we make our bottles from recycled plastic (rPET).
NPTN - We cracked the nut for a clean ocean
NPTN - We cracked the nut for a clean ocean
NPTN - We cracked the nut for a clean ocean
NPTN - We cracked the nut for a clean ocean