Laundry hacks

Easy and environmentally friendly tricks to wash your clothes more sustainable:

• Plan your laundry, what to wash and when. You will save a lot of water and energy if you always wash full machines.

• Separate your heavily dirty clothes and garments from your less dirty. With the less dirty clothes you can choose a more eco-friendly washing program.

• You don’t always have to wash, sometimes it’s enough to hang your clothes outside to air.

• It’s never necessary to use fabric softener when using NPTN since we are surfactant free and very gentle on your clothes.

• One of the most common mistakes people make is to assume the more detergent used, the cleaner clothes your clothes will get. This is not the case. We recommend to always follow the instructions. Overdosing detergent can lead to it being left on the clothes after the wash as well as excessive tear and clogging of your washing machine.

Dose for normally dirty clothes:

Water hardness 4-5 kg 6-8 kg
Soft (<5 °dH) 40 ml 60 ml
Medium (5-10 °dH) 50 ml 70 ml
Hard (>10 °dH) 60 ml 80 ml
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